Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Award Time--Feelin' the Love!

The first award I'm accepting is the 7 x 7 award from both Jenny Phresh and Meredith Jaeger .  Both of these wonderful ladies have must-read blogs that I highly recommend checking out! :o)

For this award, I had to go through all my old posts and find something that fits into each category--kind of like going through your summer clothes in the spring and trying to find something that fits after gaining your "winter 10".   Though this was way less depressing.

1.  Most beautiful: A Thank You to my Husband In this post, I thanked my husband for his undying support and belief in me.  In other words, I got all mushy :o)

2.  Most helpful:  Why You Should be Following Agents on Twitter 

3.  Most popular:  What They Don't Tell You  In this post I wrote about the sort of things I learned after  writing and querying book #1 and starting on book #2 (with a smidgen of humor)

4.  Most controversial: Just Write! I don't know if I'd call this controversial, but I think it's closest thing I have to a "controversial" blog post.  In this post, I talk about the obsession some writers have with platform building and how this can take away from what's really important (writing).

5.  Most surprisingly successful: Always Put on Clean Underwear Before You Leave the House!  I'm pretty sure the title of this post is what attracted people to it, lol.  In this post, I wanted to know what piece of writing advice you could NOT live without.

6.  Most underrated: Was Your Writing Career Born from Inspiration or Desperation?

7.  Most pride worthy:  Breaking Up is Hard to Do This is the post where I announced my decision to put my first novel on the back burner. 

I'd like to pass this award on to several people who write amazing blog posts--I'm eager to see what they come up with for the categories ;o)  As usual, if you don't want to participate, it's no skin off my back, it's just my way of letting you know I like what I read ;o)

1.  Jenny Brown and her blog the pieces of my life
2.  Marian Vere
3.  Bethany Crandell and her blog Rookie Riter: Trying to get it write

My final two awards were given to me by the lovely Marian Vere .  Thank you Marian!  Best of all, no rules with these two!  Just pass them on to some deserving bloggers :o)

This award goes to three ladies with BEA-UUU-TIFUL blog layouts :o)

1.  Jenny Phresh and her blog The Party Pony
2.  Anita Howard and her blog A Still and Quiet Madness
3.  Cherie and her blog Ready. Write. Go.

And finally, this award goes to two bloggers with all-around fabulous blogs :o)

1.  Jen Bennett and her blog A Book, A Girl, A Journey
2.  Meredith Jaeger and her blog The Trouble with Twenty Two


  1. Awww, I LOVES IT! And the most lovely thing about it? I don't have to do anything but admire it's beauty. Hee.

    Thank you sweet #goatprincess. :)

  2. You are too good to me! Thanks, Angela!

  3. I just got my 7x7 blog link award too--it's a lot of fun looking back at your blog! Love your post on Why You Should be Following Agents on Twitter!

    I had no idea there were Beautiful and Fabulous blog awards--congrats!!

    Brittany Roshelle

    The Write Stuff

  4. Oh Really, me? BOOTIFUL? It must be my brand spanking new layout and all that PINK. Thanks so much, sister!

  5. Awww...I love you! <3 Thank you. I'm very honored. :)

    Off to read the posts I missed!

    #goatWUB sister!

  6. An award...for mua?! Wahoo!! But I can't possibly accept it--I'm in my jammies!!

    Thank you, friend. I'm a p.i.t.a. by birth, so I probably won't follow the recipient instructions. I do appreciate your affections though, and they are returned to you ten fold.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful award! "Winter 10" lol you are so funny/cute. <3