Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've Been Hacked!

Just a note to everyone that my email account has been hacked.  THANKFULLY it was NOT the account I use to send queries from.  Could you imagine?  UGH!

Anyways, if you happen to get a suspicious email from me, telling you to click on some link, DON'T!

Sorry for any inconvenience :o(



  1. I wondered if you had been hacked from the suspicious email you sent me. I hope you get it cleared up!

  2. Poor Angela. Those blasted hackers! #goatposse needs to heat butt them. Cloven hooves unite!

  3. I got one! I knew it wasn't you b/c it didn't mention goats. Rotten devils!

  4. Sorry you guys :o( I hope I didn't (unknowingly) cause any computer problems for anyone.

    Funny thing is, this happened Friday around 2:00 pm, and hotmail just today decided to block me from my account because "someone has been using it to send out spam." Ugh, ya think? lol . . . Way to be on top of things, hotmail ;o) I had to change my password (for a second time) just to get access. What a pain!

  5. stupid hackers.

    I shall kick them with my hooves of steel.

  6. Naughty hackers! I hope you got it all sorted now. That's a major pain in the butt. Sorry that happened to you.

    Blast you, spamming hackers! Leave Angela alone! BAAANZAI!