Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zombie Sleepover!

In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to do something  . . . motherly.  So, with the permission of my nine-year-old son, I am posting his short story, titled "Zombie Sleepover."  He wrote it, and I formatted and typed it up.  The only correction I had to make-- he started the story in third person but then slipped into first person (who hasn't done that before?).  Enjoy! 

Chapter 1
A long time ago there were two boys named Matthew and Ryan.  Ryan’s dad was a scientist.  He had a locked cabinet in the basement of their house that held secret potions.  Matthew and Ryan were curious, so they decided to break into it.  They found a potion and dared each other to drink it.  What they didn’t know, is that the potion would turn them into zombies. 
            “Come on, man,” said Ryan, “let’s get out of here before we get caught!”
            “I don’t feel so good,” moaned Matthew.
            “What’s wrong?” asked Ryan.
            “I feel like I’m turning into something.”
            Suddenly they both saw the label on the potion.  It read, ‘BEWARE: DO NOT DRINK THIS!’  Then, Ryan started to not feel good either.  They both felt like they were getting meaner and dumber.  They realized they were turning into zombies!  They felt as if they wanted to kill and infect people. 

Chapter 2

            Ryan and Matthew noticed another bottle in the cabinet.  In spite of being a dumb zombie, Ryan read the label as best as he could.  “This potion will temporarily turn us back into humans.  Let’s make a plan.”
            “Okay,” Matthew mumbled in his zombie voice.
            “We turn ourselves back into humans and invite some of our friends over for a sleepover.  Once they fall asleep, we’ll infect them.”
            Matthew and Ryan started calling their friends.  “They all said yes to me,” said Ryan.
            “They all said yes to me too,” said Matthew.
            “Did you tell them seven o’clock?”
            “Yeah.  Let’s get ready!”

Chapter 3

            The first friend to arrive was Owen.  The next to arrive was Nick.  Then came Tanner, and last was Tyrone. 
            Matthew had the idea to tire them out so they would be ready to go to bed soon.  “Let’s start by doing some exercises, you guys.  Let’s do jumping jacks.  Now, lets do push ups.” 
After that, everyone was exhausted.  Matthew thought they’d surely fall asleep now.  He just had to suggest something quiet and relaxing.  “How about we watch some TV and have some popcorn?”  After an hour or so, everyone was asleep. 
“Is everyone asleep?” Ryan asked.
“Yes,” Matthew whispered.
Suddenly, they heard a car door close.  It was Ryan’s mom.  “We’re going to have to infect her too,” said Matthew.
“I guess that’s our only choice,” said Ryan.
Matthew and Ryan carefully and quietly crept up to her, and then infected her by biting her neck.  “Now, she is out of the way, and we have one more zombie on our team,” said Ryan.
“Let’s go and infect everyone upstairs.” said Matthew.
Ryan and Matthew went upstairs and infected their friends.  “Now we have four more zombies on our team,” Matthew told Ryan.
Chapter 4

“Let’s go to war with the humans,” Ryan said to Matthew.
“Okay, but first, we need to create some more zombies.”
All seven of the zombies started for the first house.  Luckily, they didn’t have to bust the door down- it was already open. 
“No, please, don’t turn us into zombies,” the owner of the house begged.  But it was too late.  The new zombies couldn’t resist the humans. 
Matthew, Ryan, and the new zombies, went from house to house until everyone on the block was infected.  Afterwards, they went back to Ryan’s house.  Matthew’s mom, along with all the other boys’ moms, was standing there looking mad at them.  They knew what the boys had been up to.  “Don’t even think about infecting us,” said Tanner’s mom. 
The boys stood there speechless.  Then they went down into the basement and found a potion that would permanently turn them back into humans.  Once they were no longer zombies, they went upstairs and apologized to their mothers.  Their mothers then made them go around the neighborhood and turn everyone back into humans.
Before Ryan and Matthew’s friends left, they said they’d had a good time- even though Ryan and Matthew turned them into zombies.


  1. LOL! That is so cute, Angela!It's actually pretty well-done.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, lovely mama. <3

  2. Awww! Haha. SO sweet! Sounds like your little guy has inherited his mommy's love for writing. How cool is that? Happy Mother's Day, Angela my dear. :)

    *waves to Cherie*

  3. Thank you, ladies :o) And Happy Mother's Day to the both of you!

    This story actually surprised me, especially since my boy is more of a math-n-science type. For example, whenever I tell him to use his imagination, he tells me, "I don't have one of those." lol. I think him seeing me "go to work" every night after I put him to bed inspired him to give it a try himself, which is definetly a cool ;o)

  4. Come by my blog on Monday--I have something for you ;)

  5. That is AWESOME!
    When they make this into a movie, see what your son can do to cast me as Tanner's mom. She's a hard-ass!

  6. LMAO, Bethany! Your comments always crack me up! Thank you for the compliment--my son will be so thrilled to hear that a fellow writer called his story "awesome!"

  7. "They felt as if they wanted to kill and infect people." LOL!

    This is the kind of talent the publishing industry is keeping out!

  8. @Jenny- I know, right? ;o) lol . . .

  9. "Before Ryan and Matthew’s friends left, they said they’d had a good time- even though Ryan and Matthew turned them into zombies." FANTASTIC! Thank you, sooo cute! Totally made my night. Your son is officially awesome

  10. Aislinn- Thank you so much! I actually read your comment out loud to my son, and he got a big ole' grin on his face :o) Thank YOU for taking the time to stop by and read it!