Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seven Things About Me

Last week, fellow writer (and awesome cyber-friend), Anita Howard declared a game of tag.  She posted seven interesting things about herself here and then invited her readers to do the same on their respective blogs. 

If you'd like to play, simply leave me a comment letting me know when you've posted your seven things on your blog.  If you don't feel like doing the blog thing, feel free to tell me something about yourself in the comments.  I love taking a peak into the secret life of a writer! Ha-ha! 

My Seven Things:

1) I won a school-wide "First Line of a Novel" contest in middle school.  I think it was something really cliche, like "She woke up not knowing where she was or how she had gotten there." 

2) I decorate my kids' birthday cakes every year.  I started doing it a few years back when I couldn't find a "Wiggles" cake design at any of the bakeries.  I'm not awesome at it, but I like doing it for them.  Hopefully it's one of those things they'll always remember :o)  Below are a couple of my "masterpieces" (hehe!).

3) I changed my major three times in college--and that was just the number of times I changed it formally.  I started with a social work major, then I changed it to elementary education, and then somewhere around my junior year, I switched to sociology. 

4) I LOVE Boxers (the dogs, not the athletes or the underwear).  Our first Boxer, Lex, passed away a couple of years ago.  We now have a little girl (well, not exactly little) named Daisy.  She is my baby ;o)

5) Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I worked for a small advertising, marketing, and public relations agency.  Among other not-so-exciting things, I wrote press releases.  This was definetly good experience for writing queries, since a query is basically like a press release.  Both have to be interesting enough to get the reader's attention, but at the same time; simple, clear, and concise.

6) One of my favorite summer past-times?  Going to yard sales!  I love them!  I'm always on the lookout for a good deal  ;o) 

7) If I won the lottery, I would buy a big piece of property out in the middle of nowhere and build a big ole' farmhouse (with a huge wrap-around porch, of course).  Oh, and I'd have a huge barn in the back filled with horses, chickens, and piggies.  ;o)

Okay, now it's your turn! 


  1. If number 7 works out for you, watch out for the staircases in those old farmhouses. They're tricksy!

  2. Nice, Angela! Love the cakes. I don't bake cause I don't know how, so I'm always impressed with those who can. And the decoration is awesome. Are you sure you're not an artist? Cake decorators usually are.

    I already did the 7 things last week. So did Mindy! Gotta give props to Anita for spreading the love.

  3. Hi Cherie,

    Yes, I saw your "7 Things" last week on your blog (your drawings were AMAZING!). I actually wrote a comment, but then there was an error posting it and the whole thing got deleted. I was so frustrated I couldn't bring myself to re-type it! lol!

    I am TOTALLY NOT an artist. I cheat and trace patterns (hehehe!), but thank you for the compliment!!

  4. Oh, wow, Angela! No wonder you and I get along so well! We're cake decorating sistahs! I used to decorate my kiddos cakes, too. And I did it just like you. I "painted" the pictures on and then used seashell piping around the edges. I promise, your kiddos will remember. Mine do to this day, although they've both graduated to asking for "chocolate chip pizzas" for their birthdays now. Basically just a GIANT chocolate chip cookie w/chocolate icing piped around the edges. :)

    Thanks for playing tag!

    *waves to Cherie and Mindy*

  5. Piping is no small feat. Trust me, you are artistic to be able to make a beautiful cake like that. I tried to pipe my son's name on his birthday cake one year and it was totally messed up! lol! Thanks for visiting my blog, and darn on the error. It's happened to me before so I know how you feel.

    Anita, how are you? *waves back*

  6. You're insane! AND A SHOW OFF! Those cakes are fantastic! (My friends and I talk about moms like you behind their backs. It's totally based out of jealousy, of course). I am the QUEEN of grocery store birthday cakes. If you can't get a 1/4 sheet cake w/electric blue, tongue staining icing for $20.99 or less what good are you, right?!

  7. Wow, Angela! Those cakes are AWESOME! Look at how creative you are! And you worked in advertising, huh? I changed my major quite a few times too: accounting, early childhood education and then technical writing. Also, I could've used you while writing my book! Is it okay if I pick your brain every once and awhile for research? =)

  8. Oh my gosh, I am so feeling the blog love right now ;o) Haha! Such a nice surprise to come on here and see four new lovely comments :o)

    @Anita- Yeah, don't look at my seashell border to closely, lol. I still haven't quite mastered the technique ;o)

    @Cherie- Writing on a cake is hard! Did you notice how the writing on the 'Hello Kitty' cake slopes down? lol

    @Bethany- Your comments always make me smile. When I was 16, my mom bought me a cake with black flowers for my birthday (no, I wasn't goth, I've just always liked the color black, because I'm weird like that). The frosting turned everyone's lips and teeth black! Too funny . . . (your mention of electric blue icing made me think of that ;-)

    @Ashley- I mostly did grunt work (none of the cool stuff), but I did gain a good understanding of how things operate in the field, so feel free to pick away! lol.

  9. It's my son's first birthday coming up and those cakes look AMAZING! Makes me want to do the same!

  10. Aisha- Thank you so much! You're too kind :o)

    Thank you for stopping by!

  11. I gave you an award! Come and git it!