Friday, June 12, 2015

INTO A MILLION PIECES Is Now Available On NetGalley! (and more)

INTO A MILLION PIECES is now available on NetGalley for a limited time (as in, for the next two weeks only). So, if you're a member, you can request the book and read it for FREEEEE!! Here is the link: Into a Million Pieces on NetGalley.

Also, in my last blog post, I mentioned how people have been asking me about my publishing experience thus far, specifically, is it everything I thought it would be. Here is the link to the guest post I wrote on the topic: Confessions of a Newly-Published Author. My answer may surprise you...

Finally, I am participating in a HUGE (and I mean, HUUUUUGE) summertime YA book event called #BADASSREADS.

It involves twenty (TWENTY!!!) YA authors, with TWENTY FIVE signed books up for grabs!! It's going to last the entire summer and it's going to be EPIC!! Click here for all the deets!

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