Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Oh yes, we love Halloween around here. Sunday night we carved the pumpkins and roasted the seeds.  On Monday, I put my lovely pumpkins on the porch, only to find the vampire one partially eaten by a freakin' squirrel an hour later! Of course, I got yelled at by the kids for putting them on the porch, even though they're the ones who collect acorns up north during the summer months to bring home and feed the squirrels year round. Uh-huh . . yeah . . . whose fault is it now? That's what happens when the neighborhood critters think of your front yard as an all-you-can-eat breakfast bar. ;-)

Anyway, I hope you all have a spooktabulous Halloween! Boowahahaha!


  1. Lookin' good! That's funny about the squirrel. Good thing we don't have those around here. But we do have teenager who smash pumpkins. boo. Happy Halloween!!

  2. Thanks, ladies! Hope you both had a fantastic Halloween!