Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let Them Eat Crack!!

I was really stumped for a blog post today.  Querying hasn't been going as well as I'd hoped and it's got me in a really bitter, frustrated funk.  By the way, does anyone else ever think about starting an anonymous blog just so you can write about all the crap that's not "PC" to write about on your real blog?  No?  Just me?  

Anyway, because all the writerly stuff floating through my brain isn't blog appropriate (and I didn't want to go ANOTHER week without a post), I decided to share something with you all that makes me happy--Food!!  Specifically, CRACK!  Okay, not REAL crack, but this popcorn concoction that I make every Christmas :o)  I call it crack, because it's sooooo addictive! Nummy-nummy!

Without further adieu . . .

1 bag of microwave popcorn (popped).  I use the natural/unbuttered kind
3 Cups of "Kix" cereal
3 Cups of corn chips (i.e. "Fritos")
1 lb. of white chocolate, melted*

Mix the first three ingredients together.  Then pour the white chocolate over the mix with one hand while stirring with the other so everything gets coated.  Spread the mixture onto wax paper and let dry.  Break into chunks and store in an air-tight container.

*with Halloween coming up, you could add orange food coloring to the chocolate to make it more festive!



  1. Oohhh, we love popcorn. Thanks for the recipe!

    Sorry about the querying not going too well. Hugs to you, my dear...

  2. Hi Cherie :o) Yes, this recipe is the perfect sweet-n-salty combination :o) I actually make huge batches of it at Christmas time and give it to neighbors and teachers; it's always a hit ;o)

  3. Ouch! My teeth hurt just reading that recipe--super sweet = super YUM! I'm going to try that!!

    I know too well how depressing querying can be, but you've got a gem on your hands (I know...I've read it--squee!). Some wise and lucky agent is going to have the honor to represent you and this amazing book. Just keep plugging away.

  4. Oh, Bethany . . . your comment just got me all teary-eyed (yes, today has been THAT bad). Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the best cheerleader EVER! :o)

    And yes, that popcorn stuff is the BOMB!!! :o)

  5. Keep your chin up, Angela V! You are going to rock it. I trust Rookie's judgment.

    I too almost started a mean and secret blog but never got it off the ground. So I started a mean and secret Twitter feed @feralpony...and it became my actual Twitter feed!

  6. ROFL at Pony's comment! HA

    Oh, YUM. This sounds amazing. With the saltiness of the fritos mixed in, it's perfect. Will be making CRACK this year! LOL. Thank you. :)

    Now, two things: HANG IN. I know it's hard getting Rs. But I also know you have a great book judging from things you've posted. So just keep plowing ahead.

    And two, I happen to know a fellow who started such an annonymous blog. But my question is, who has the time? I'm lucky to keep my regular one going. LOL

    Oh, and your blog looks great!

  7. @Jenny--I loved those early tweets of yours. Yes, I remember when you "came out of the closet," I read those MIL tweets (before they were lost forever) and about died laughing!

    @Anita--I know, right (about the second blog)? Though it would be nice to have somewhere to vent when I needed it ;o) I guess I'll just stick to using my husband for now, hehehe!
    Also, thank you for your kind words regarding querying. I'll keep hoping, praying, and working!

  8. oh yum! I'm totally going to make this!