Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Me-me No Likey the Word "Panties"

I've been knee-deep in editing my WIP, which means all of my creative juices are drained by the time it comes around to writing my Wednesday blog posts, so I was actually kind of relieved when Bethany tagged me to participate in the "Panty Meme" (yes, you heard right, I said panty).  Of course my version will pale in comparison (the girl is a creative genius, after all), but I have to do it or else risk a perverted goat breaking into my house and stealing all my underwear!

What do you call your panties/underwear/undergarments? Do you have any commonly used nicknames for them? 
I never, ever, never, ever call them panties *shudders*.  I can not stand that word.  I thought I was the only one until I saw an episode of the Nickelodeon show "ICarly" a few weeks back.  One of the characters, Sam, just about went into convulsions when her friend, Carly, said that word.  I call them underwear or sometimes unders.  That's it. 

Have you ever had that supposedly common dream of being in a crowded place in your underwear? 
Of course!  Hasn't everyone at one time or another?  Mine usually involve middle-school (which makes it a nightmare, as opposed to a harmless dream).  Supposedly, if you have dreams like this, it means you're afraid of people seeing who you really are (the real you).  Just a little dream trivia for you :o)

What is the worst thing you can think of to make panties out of? 
I'm still traumatized by someone's answer of slugs (greenwoman?).  Fish, of course, would also be nasty.   Oh, and republicans (a little joke for Rookie--hehe!)

If you were a pair of panties, what color would you be, and WHY? 
Black, because they're slimming.

Have you ever thrown your panties/underwear at a rock star or other celebrity? If so, which one(s)? If not, which one(s) WOULD you throw your panties/underwear at, given the opportunity? 
No, of course not!  What kind of girl do you think I am?  The kind of girl who would pack g-strings in her pocket to toss up on stage during The New Kids on the Block reunion tour back in '94??  For shame!  I'm hurt.  Really, I am.

You’re out of clean panties. What do you do? 
That would NEVER happen, because I keep a reserve stash.  I admit, this stash consists of a mix of granny undies my mom bought me back in high school, along with some things (that resemble underwear) I got ten years ago at my bachelorette party, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Are you old enough to remember Underoos? If so, did you have any? Which ones? 
I was born in the mid-seventies, so of course I remember them!  I don't think I ever owned any though.  Woe is me . . .

If you could have any message printed on your panties, what would it be? 
"Exit Only"

How many bloggers does it take to put panties on a goat? 
Hmm . . . depends if the goat is willing.  Cross-dressing goats are the easiest, while au natural goats can be a bit stubborn.


Woo-hoo!  I survived the panty underwear meme!  I'm supposed to tag some people, but I think all those willing have already done it, so I'll leave it at that.  Next week I promise to return to my normally scheduled programming :o)  


  1. I am SO happy you did yours this way, because I will be doing something similar, and I was super intimidated by Bethany's! God bless her, but I just don't have the brain cells this week to come up with something like that...

    I have read so many of these, and all I can think about are the underpants gnomes! Anyone with me? Form South Park? It was one of the first episodes that had Tweak, my favorite character! There are little gnomes and they come into his room at night and steal underpants. They even have a little song they sing while they are doing it, it's great!

    Umm.. *ahem* anyway... (putting the grownup hat back on...) Great post.

  2. Haha! Great job, my friend. You will make the #goatposse very proud!! And I saw that ICarly! LOL!

    What does that say about me and you, that we like to watch those teeny bopper shows. Hmm. I guess that we're keeping tight w/our readership. Yeah. It's all for career development. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. BTW, Exit Only? ROFL!!

  3. I was laughing throughout the entire post. I may be one of a few people who never had the underwear dream! I don't even want to imagine what that dream would feel like!

    I am so happy I am not the only one who remembers underoos!

    Thanks girl for the good laughs and memories!

  4. Well done, sister.
    I too, am not a fan of the word "panty." Off-line I'd be happy to share of my other non-favorite words. There are quite a few.

  5. Bravo! The evil panty-meme lives on! I also hate the word "panty." I also hate the word "fanny." A fanny in panties would just about send me into conniptions.

  6. You watch iCarly too? (If you say you also watch Wizards of Waverly Place or Goodluck, Charlie I'm a-gonna squeeze you :D )

    You're so brave to do this meme. I'm a,, ok, I'm really confused now. :( My mother reads my blog, and I think my dad does too. I need to put on my big girl pa--I mean, underwear, and just do it.

    Btw, I heard Jonathan Knight blamed those g-strings for his panic attacks.

  7. @Marian- I know, I am so envious of people like Bethany who can come up with stuff like that on the fly! I haven't watched South Park in YEARS, but that show used to crack me up!

    @Anita- My kids watch all those shows, and some how, I always manage to get pulled into them, lol! I think I've seen all of them at least twice! ;o)

    @Rene- Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad I could put a smile on your face--I aim to please ;-)

    @Bethany- I know, I have a bunch too, lol. There are certain "forbidden" words in my house. I don't even feel comfortable typing them!! ;o)

    @Phresh- Aww! I was hoping you were going to do a Dr. Seuss-ish poem for me about fannies in panties! ;o)

    @Cherie- No, I don't watch Wizards or Goodluck, Charlie. BUT, I have been subjected to "The Suite Life Movie" about three times a day for the past two weeks (my daughter is obsessed), lol. None of my family reads my blog, so I felt as free as a naked baby in a wading pool! lol! But yeah . . . If my dad read it, I think I would've been a little more hesitant ;o)

  8. Exit only! *Gigglesnort* You're hilarious...and I love you! Not sure how I missed a bunch of these. Fixing that now! :D