Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Writing (or lack there of) Update

I kind of feel like I'm stuck in purgatory at the moment.  One project has been shelved and another one is "untouchable" for a couple more weeks (getting some distance from it before I start on revisions).  So, what's a writer to do? 

I've been trying to stay productive.  Even though the querying process is still months away, I've written the first draft of my query and started researching agents.  I also started writing my synopsis, but about a page and a half into it, I realized I needed to look some things up in my ms, and since it is strictly hands-off right now, the synopsis has been put on hold. 

Real life has been crazy these past few weeks, so that's been keeping me busy; however, there's a part of me--the writer part--that feels all anxious inside.  For a year and a half, I've been constantly writing in some way, shape, or form.  Whether it was writing a first draft, editing/revising, or querying; I stayed busy.  Now, I'm stuck in between projects with really nothing more to do than twiddle my thumbs, and it's kind of nerve-wracking.

Writing for me is escapism.  I tend to be a bit of a worrier (to put it mildly).  I over think and stress out over everything.  Writing allows my mind to take a break from all the usual chaos.  When I don't write, my mind has too much time to wander--and for me, that's never a good thing.  

I have less than two weeks to go until I can blow the dust off of my ms and start editing.  Just in time too, because with the kids getting out of school for summer vacation, I'm going to need some escapism  . . . and maybe a couple amaretto sours ;o)


  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is having their writing thwarted! It's so difficult to juggle everything.

  2. LOL on the ameretto sours! Have you ever tried ameretto and cream? It's like liquid dessert. LOVE. Totally feel you on the writing withdrawels. I get downright cranky when I'm not writing. It's like writer's PMS. Post Manuscript Syndrome. Hang in girl! Two weeks will be here before you know it. :)

  3. Ha! Did you see how I spelled "withdrawals" above? I guess that's the Texas spellin'. Hee

  4. No, bourbon!

    Seriously, I know what you're going through. Have you ever experimented with Flash Fiction? At times when I'm "in-between," I find it a satisfying outlet. Short pieces. Written and finished in one sitting. Most of them are crap but every now and then I go back and look at them and find one or two I like and are worth revising. Just a thought...

  5. So that's why I'm depressed today. I NEED to write. thank you for point this out to me :)

  6. HA! Looks like Anita beat you to the amaretto sours!

    I know exactly how you're feeling, friend. I feel out of control, guilty and neglectful when I'm in between things.'d think I'd lost my kid at Chuck E. Cheese or something (which, for your information, is the location of purgatory).

    If you feel like you need to keep your creative hamster running--go to writer's digest and work on a daily writing prompt. But seriously...just breathe. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our passion is to give it a break. My mom told me this and I believe her. It's next to impossible to implement, but I still believe she's right ;)

  7. @Christine- Yes, sometimes I think us women writers would be good circus performers since we're so good at juggling ;o) hehe!

    @Anita- Haha! Yes, I think I suffer from post manuscript syndrome too! lol. Honestly, I'm one step away from pacing the floor ;o) I don't think I've ever looked forward to editing in my life! Oh, and amaretto and cream sounds fab! YUM!

    @Jenny- I've never tried flash fiction. That's a good idea though. I want to try my hand at a short story too at some point. It would definitly be a challenge--brevity isn't one of my strong suits ;o)

    @Jen- I know, right? I'm actually looking forward to delving into editing and revising! lol

  8. Bethany- Your comment about Chuck E. Cheese's . . . lmao. Seriously though, you hit the nail right on the head with the emotions. It's like my kid is watching Beavis and Butthead while I sit around on the couch eating coookie dough and texting (umm . . . not that I've ever done that, of course). The guilt, the anxiety . . . ugh! I now know for next time to plan a "short" project for my in between time. ;o)

  9. Ditto, Angela! I know exactly how you feel. My mind usually wanders to things like decorating my house and that is NEVER a good thing. I spend too much, hubby gets pissed -- I'm sure you can relate on some level! When I stray too far away from writing, I miss it and don't miss it at the same time. In the end, I always come back, though, and the breaks always work out for the best. Take your break as needed! I'm sure you'll find plenty to do! ;-)

  10. Hi Angela! I've finally got the chance to catch up with you all. Boy is asleep, yipee!

    Goodluck on trying to wait it out. I get you, although my dilemma is slightly different. I've been in a writing funk with my WIP, and I keep getting distracted with a short story I've written before but never finished. The short story is my CIP (Cheat-In-Progress, cause I'm so cheating on my WIP right now). Hopefully those 2 weeks will go by swiftly so you can get to editing, and for me, to finish the short story so I can get back to my WIP.


  11. I think you should do some freewrites, write some (bad) poetry, scribble on a piece of bark, or write a wild blog entry out of your usual style. Don't cut yourself off from the writing life source if you feel an urge to write--you might go mad and snap! I get feverish and guilty when I don't write. I feel all jittery now, and I'm writing a comment to make it better. I think we might all be addicts, yes?

  12. @Ashley- when I'm away from writing too long, the self-doubt creeps in. Unfortunately, my mind is ALWAYS on writing (even when I'm not actually doing it). I wish I could pick up a different hobby to escape from writing every once in a while, but writing is like a stray dog--it follows me around no matter what! lol

    @Cheri- I got like that with my last ms (in a funk). That's one of the reasons I had to put it off to the side--I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I needed some excitement! Haha! I'm definitly going to try my hand at a short story one of these days. I like the idea of instant gratification ;o)

    @Phresh- I don't think I could write anymore bad poetry--I'm pretty sure I reached my quota in college ;o) I do think I might try my hand at a "fun" blog post one of these days, well, either that or the whole writing on a piece of bark thing ;o)

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  14. @Deirdra- Thank you so much! I will display it with pride! :o)